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Birdwatching in northeast iceland

A birding trip to Iceland will typically yield 70-80 species in summer and many species are abundant and unmissable at this time of year. You won’t need to look hard for Whimbrels and Golden Plovers in summer for example, nor Iceland Gulls in midwinter! The best time for a birding trip is late May – June when all migrants have arrived. At this time of year there is also 24-hour daylight so the very keen can bird round the clock. Whilst birding is possible all year round, the worst time is undoubtedly late November to January, largely because the short daylight hours are very restrictive and the weather can be rather demanding. This page is designed to provide basic tips on where to see some of the species which feature high on the “wish-lists” of visiting birders.  - detailed information on birds in the area as well as list of guided tours

Birdwatching tours from Sandur, Aðaldal

Sigurgeir's Bird Museum
Ytri-Neslöndum, 660 Mývatn

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